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Computer Lab

The Computer Lab is a teaching space available to the public during library classes and events.


Meeting Rooms & Auditorium

The Rochester Public Library offers meeting rooms for individuals, community organizations, and businesses that wish to provide an open forum for knowledge, ideas, and cultural enrichment.


Skype Lounge

A room in our 2nd Floor Computer Lab that features a computer loaded with Skype software, a webcam, headphones and a microphone that can be used to make Skype video/audio calls.

skype room

Study Areas & Study Rooms

Areas of the library designated for private and group study with chairs and tables.



Our MakerSpace is a special area in the library reserved for creative minds limited only by imagination. Hosts artists, classes and hands-on activities.


Wellness Corner

Local organizations contribute their expertise to offer a variety of programs and classes on exercise, nutrition, health screening, career counseling, mental health and more.