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Skype Lounge - making Video Calls at the Library

skype roomThe Library offers a semi-enclosed room (called the “Skype Lounge”) in the back of our 2nd Floor Computer Lab that features a computer loaded with Skype software, a webcam, headphones and a microphone that can be used to make a video/audio calls to either other Skype users or audio-only calls to traditional phones both in the United States and overseas.

In addition to the Skype software, we also have installed software for two popular webinar/meeting software companies: Citrix's GoToMeeting and Cisco's WebEx.

The room may also be used to make video calls using other web-based services (such as Google Hangouts) that do not require software installation.

To Reserve the Skype Computer:

Go to our Room Reservation page (choose "Skype" from the list of options) or call us at 507.328.2309

Skype Lounge Policies

Cost for Using Skype

The Library does not charge for using the internet, computer or equipment in the Skype Lounge, but certain calls on Skype (or other video calling services) may incur a fee.

  • Free Calls on Skype:  A Library Patron can use Skype to talk to someone who is also using Skype (on either another computer, tablet or smart phone) without any charge.
  • Paid Calls on Skype:  If a library patron uses Skype to call someone who is not using Skype (i.e. calling a cell phone, landline, or overseas), the patron will have to purchase Skype Credit (a minimum of $10.00 as of 9/25/2014) or set up a monthly account with Skype.

If needed, payment for Skype services (or other video calling services) is the Library Patron’s responsibility; the library does not have pre-paid account available to for Library Patrons to use. 

Using the Skype Lounge

Patrons with Reservations:

Patrons who have a reservation (either booked online or booked through a library staff member) will have first priority for the Skype computer. 

Reservations for 30 minute Skype Lounge “blocks” of time are accepted online up to one week in advance either by phone or online.  Patrons requesting a reservation lasting longer than 30 minutes will need to call the Reference Desk to make special arrangements.

Patrons who show up later than 10 minutes after their reservation time may lose their reservation the Skype computer may be given to another library patron.  If patrons let the Library know in advance that they will be late, we can continue holding the room for them.

Walk-Up Patrons (no reservations):

If there are no existing reservations and the Skype computer is free, it will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis to walk-up library patrons.

Accessing the Skype Lounge

  • In order to use the Skype Lounge, you will need to give library staff either your photo ID or library card (which will be held at the Reference Desk) in exchange for a key to the Skype Lounge.  Once the key is returned to the Reference desk, the patron’s library card/ID will be returned.
  • Skype Lounge users are guaranteed 30 minutes uninterrupted use of the Skype computer and may continue using the Skype computer as long as no one is waiting.
  • If there is an existing reservation, the walk-up patron using Skype will need to be finished 5 minutes prior to the existing reservation.

Terms for Using the Skype Lounge:

  • Library Patrons must have their own Skype (or other video calling service) account to use the service at the Library.  The Library does not provide accounts for patron usage.
  • If Library Patrons need to set up a Skype (or other video calling service) account, they may do so using Library internet computers or the Skype Lounge computer.
  • Library Patrons are assumed to have working knowledge of Skype (or other video calling services).  We have basic information about how to use Skype posted in the Skype Lounge. Time permitting, library staff may be able to help patrons set up a free Skype account or do basic troubleshooting.  However, during busy times this may not be possible.
  • If a Library Patron is new to Skype or video calling, it is highly recommended that they make an appointment with a Librarian (call 507 328-2309) or come in during one of the library’s computer help sessions held in the Computer Lab (currently on Mondays 9:30am - 10:30am, Wednesdays 3:00pm - 5:00pm and Thursdays 1:00pm – 2:30pm).
  • A maximum of two people at a time are permitted in the Skype Lounge without prior approval by Library staff.

The patron using the Library’s Skype computer assumes all responsibility for any transaction(s) with Skype (or other video calling service) including, but not limited to, any calling costs, privacy, or other concerns.

The Library’s Internet Policy applies to all users of the Skype Lounge.

The Skype Lounge computer is reserved for patrons making video/phone calls.  Any patrons using the Skype computer for something other than video/phone calls (such as surfing the web, Facebook, YouTube, etc.,) without prior approval may be asked to leave and have their Skype Lounge privileges revoked.

The Library makes no guarantee about the availability of the Skype (or other video calling service) during a given time.  While it doesn’t happen often, if there are internet connection issues, problems with the video calling website, or equipment isn’t functioning properly, a working video call connection may not be available.

Because the Skype Lounge room is not sound-proof, the Skype Lounge will not be available during classes or training sessions in the Computer Lab.