Recommend a Purchase

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Recommending print Books, CDs, and DVDs for the library

Each library patron may make 10 recommendations per one-year period (the current month plus previous 11 months).  To make a print book, audio book on CD, music CD, or DVD recommendation use the link below:

Click to recommend print Books, DVDs and CDs*

*Do not use this form to recommend downloadable materials (eBooks eVideos, eAudio books) - see the next section

Recommending downloadable items (eBooks & more) for the library

Each library patron may make 2 recommendations of downloadable items per 4 month period (6 per year).To make a recommendation, see the instructions below and then visit the Overdrive Digital Catalog to see which downloadable items are available for the library to add to its collection (not all publishers will sell eBooks to public libraries).

How to search available downloadable materials to recommend:

  1. After you search for something in the library's digital collection, you'll see an option to view Additional Titles to Recommend in the search results filters.
    Screenshot of the additional titles to recommend option in the search results filters
    If you select Additional Titles to Recommend, titles that you can recommend to your library will be added to your search results. You can then continue to sort and filter your results to find exactly what you're looking for.
  2. To determine which titles you can recommend to your library, look for the recommend icon.
    Screenshot of the recommend icon
  3. To recommend a title, mouse over it (or tap it, on a mobile device) and select the Recommend button.
    Screenshot of a title's Recommend button
  4. When you select Recommend, a pop-up will open where you can choose to be notified and/or to be placed on the holds list if your library purchases the title.
    Screenshot of the recommend popup
  5. Select Recommend this title to complete your recommendation.

You can view a list of titles you've recommended under your Account > Lists > Titles you recommended. Once you recommend a title to the library, you cannot remove it from your "Titles you recommended" list because the library has already been alerted that you've made the request.