Sit Stay Read Program

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Read with a furry friend!

Kids in grades K to 5 are invited to practice reading with a certified therapy animal. In-person registration for a 15 minute session starts at 4:30PM on the day of each event.

4th Monday of the month September, October, & November
5 - 7PM, Library Auditorium

Ask at the Youth Services Desk for questions or see the events on our Events Calendar!




Find out more about our Sit Stay Read animals!



My name is Amber. I was 12 years old on March 23, 2016. I am a golden retriever and have had two litters of puppies. I have been to dog obedience trials and have earned the title of Companion Dog and have also earned the title of Therapy Dog. I love children and adults and all of the attention they give me.



My name is Cree and I am a 10 year old female Golden Retriever. I enjoy meeting kids, being read to, and my favorite sport is agility. My owner and I compete in agility trials whenever we can.


My name is Dakota and I am a female German Shepherd. My birthday is January 2007. I love being around my family and am a wonderful mother to my puppies. My owner describes me as being loyal, friendly, and sneaky. I know how to open doors, get along with all 2 and 4-legged friends, and I wait until my owner leaves the room to jump on the counter for food that is left out!


My name is Finnegan and I am a Wirehair Dachshund, which means wiener dog. I have a beard and funny fuzzy hair. I was born in Texas and flew to MN when I was 3 months old. Along with doing therapy dog activities, I have fun participating in canine agility. At home, I'm either in the yard looking for squirrels, rabbits and birds or inside playing with my favorite toy.
rio  My name is Rio and I just turned 4 years old. I am a Shetland Sheepdog and was born in Washington State.  I love meeting new children and sharing books. I go to school with my owner sometimes, who works in the school library. I also play a sport called flyball which lets me run and play ball, two other things I love. I earned my Canine Good Citizen title last summer, and live with my sister dog who is a Border Collie.
My name is Roxie. I was 4 years old on Dec. 31, 2016. I am a Golden Retriever and love to retrieve tennis balls. I have lots of energy and can run and run. I am very fast and agile and love children. I have been to dog obedience trials and have earned the title of Companion Dog. I have also recently earned my Therapy Dog title.



My name is Shiner and I am a 9 year-old male Wirehair Dachshund,
which means wiener dog.  I have bushy eyebrows and a beard.  I was born in Texas and flew to Minnesota when I was eight weeks old.  Along with my therapy dog activities, I participate in canine agility.  My favorite activity is keeping an eye on the neighborhood while resting on a chair in front of the window.

 timba  Timba is a three year old champagne Burmese cat.  He is a retired show cat who achieved the highest title possible, National Winner, during his 16 month show career.  He was bored at home and looks forward to his new career as a Therapy and Sit, Stay, Read cat.  He loves everyone, especially kids!