Science Fun to Go Kits

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Science Fun to Go kits provide prepared science experiments along with relevant books and media for use by children and their parents, grandparents, educators and friends.

RPL staff are streamlining the Science Fun to Go process and may be reserved via the online catalog. Please contact the Youth Services desk 328.2303 for more information.



Science Fun to Go: Belts and Gears

Build a belt-driven machine to spin Goldie, Nacho the dog and more! This GoldieBlox™ set comes with 16 design ideas, books, a video, and unlimited building possibilites. 






Science Fun to Go: Early Simple Machines

Levers and pulleys and ramps, oh my! Play around with the physics that makes machines work.



Early Structures

Science Fun to Go: Early Structures

How can a skyscraper be so tall? How can a bridge hold so much weight? Explore these questions with books, media and more in the Early Structures Science Fun to Go kit.





Science Fun to Go: Electronic Projects

Electricity lights up our homes, streets, schools, and sometimes, even the sky. Find out more about harnessing this natural phenomenon with the Electronic Projects Science Fun to Go kit.




energy lab (madscientist)

Science Fun to Go: Energy Lab

Be your own mad scientist with the Energy Lab Science Fun to Go kit! Explore many different kinds of energies, including alternative energies like onion juice and poop!





Science Fun to Go: Levers

Dunk Nacho the dog and Goldie in a dunk tank with all your new engineering skills and levers in this fun kit! Try out three different GoldieBlox™ designs and explore books and more! 





Science Fun to Go: Little Bits 1bitsbase_1

Check out this fun way to learn and explore the world of science with electronics! The Little Bits Base kit will encourage kids to create fun projects. Books and media included.


Science Fun to Go: Little Bits 2bitsdeluxe

Continue exploring the world of electronics with books, media, and the Little Bits Deluxe kit! More projects means more fun!

Snap Circuits (3)

Science Fun to Go: Snap Circuits

Make a connection! The kind that goes ZAP! Explore electricity with two circuitry sets in the Snap Circuits kit.




Straw Rocket Launcher

Science Fun to Go: Straw Rocket Launcher

Construct rockets out of straws and other materials, then see how far you can launch them! This kit should be used in wide open spaces, like outdoors, in a gym, or in a room with vaulted ceilings.




Science Fun to Go: Wheels and Axles

Ruby and Goldie need your help building another awesome machine with wheels and axles! GoldieBlox™ and the Parade Float includes 9 design ideas and more to test your engineering skills and creativity. Explore even more with books and a video on wheels and axles.