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Welcome to the Rochester Public Library!



Dear Rochester Public Library community,

During this difficult time in our country, Rochester Public Library would like to reaffirm our commitment to providing a welcoming environment to all. We embrace everyone and we will continue to provide our services to all without question or judgement.

Rochester Public Library serves community members of all races, abilities, gender identities, sexual orientations, nationalities, political affiliations, economic levels, etc. The Library is a safe space for community dialogue, learning, and healing.

We increase awareness and understanding through programming such as Faith Talk Show, Post-Bulletin Dialogues, and Parents Empower Pride. These and other programs reflect our core values WE CARE.

I invite you to visit the library to discover new community connections.

Warmest regards,

Audrey S. Betcher
Library Director



Mission Statement

We strengthen community and enrich lives by sparking imagination, creativity, engagement, and learning.

Vision Statement

Where aspirations, ideas and knowledge converge

Core Values

(Revised October 22, 2012)

As part of the City of Rochester we adhere to the city’s organizational values (Customer Focus, Respect, Integrity, Safety, and Excellence), and we also affirm the following:


Welcoming Environment

Committed to Intellectual Freedom
Access for all
Remain inclusive
Exceptional library service

  • Welcoming Environment – We are committed to being a safe and welcoming place. This is reflected through creating policies and practices that ensure safety for the public and the staff, providing exceptional customer service, maintaining physical space, and providing an inclusive and non-judgmental place to gather or reflect.
  • Committed to Intellectual Freedom – We are committed to intellectual freedom and the need for the library collection to represent many different points of view. Individuals are responsible for making their own choices regarding appropriateness of materials, and parents/guardians are responsible for the choices made for their children.
  • Access for All – We are committed to providing basic library services at no charge. Some optional services may carry a fee. Access to library service and electronic information will not be denied because of inability to pay fees. We serve all users fairly and equitably.
  • Remain Inclusive -- We honor diversity and are inclusive. We seek to represent all people in our collections, programs, services, workforce and other areas.
  • Exceptional Library Service – We are committed to providing quality library service with a smile. We are committed to providing prompt, objective, confidential, and knowledgeable responses to requests for assistance.

We live out these values by following the Four Cs:

  • We champion collaboration by working together and with community partners to meet goals and develop positive relationships, while maintaining open communication.
  • We embrace creativity by being innovative, open to new ideas, and willing to try new things while having fun.
  • We engage in the community by harnessing the talents and resources of our community and connecting individuals in order to achieve individual and community dreams.
  • We care about each other, our customers, the community and what we do.

Library Board

The Rochester Public Library Board, representing the community served by the library, has ultimate responsibility for providing the services needed by the community in an effective, efficient manner.