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Rochester Public Library Bookmobile Electrical Fire

The Rochester Public Library's bookmobile experienced an electrical related fire at approximately 7:45 last evening. It had returned from its scheduled run to Eyota and had been parked in the garage and connected to the internal power source. A maintenance employee smelled smoke, checked, noticed flames and Fire Department was notified. The building was evacuated, the fire controlled and people re-admitted after the Fire Department declared it was safe.

The bookmobile was taken to the Public Works garage where it was examined by insurance adjusters and clearance has been given for repairs to begin. At this time there are a number of mechanical issues that will need to be addressed. Parts will need to be ordered and a cost estimate will not available until a reliable damage estimate is completed .

At this time: RESERVES

  • All reserves that are available for bookmobile patrons are now in the building.They will be available for pick-up at the main library while the bookmobile is out of service.
  • We do recognize that most of our bookmobile patrons are not able to come to the main library. We will hold their reserves for them until we are back on the road.

Items that are on the actual bookmobile are currently not available to pull for reserves at this time. As we continue with the repair process, this may change if staff is able to get at the materials on the vehicle.


  • All items that are checked out to bookmobile customers have been renewed.
  • We will continue to renew them until the bookmobile is back on the road. We will continue to renew items as needed.
  • Those that want to return their bookmobile material to the main library are still welcome to do so. However, they will not be fined if they can't.

02/26/2015 The bookmobile is not on the road today.

Check out the new Bookmobile!

In September 2012, the Rochester Public Library debuted its new Bookmobile. The new, larger bookmobile features green technology: a hybrid drive train and generator, solar panels, LED lights and recycled rubber floors.

Currently the Rochester Public Library bookmobile has the highest circulation of any other bookmobile in Minnesota. It visits over 77 different neighborhoods in the City of Rochester and Olmsted County targeting areas in the community where there are geographic, transportation, economic and other barriers to using the main library.

The Rochester Public Library Bookmobile is dedicated to providing access to information, literature, and ideas to members of the community who are unable to use the main library due to geographic, transportation, economic or other barriers.

The Bookmobile regularly carries more than 4,500 items, including adult and children's books, audiobooks, magazines and DVDs. It has the highest circulation of any bookmobile in the state of Minnesota; in addition to visiting neighborhoods and schools within the city limits, it also makes weekly stops in Byron, Oronoco and other locations in Olmsted county. The bookmobile is handicapped accessible and has a wheel chair lift.

For more information about the bookmobile or to request a bookmobile stop in your neighborhood, please contact the library at 507.328.2302.

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Criteria for Bookmobile Stop Selection

The bookmobile establishes three (3) schedules throughout the year - Spring, Summer, Fall/Winter. Petitions for the addition of a new bookmobile stop must be received by the following dates in order to be considered for the respective schedule: November 15 - Winter/Spring, April 15 - Summer, July 15 - Fall.

The following criteria are used in evaluating bookmobile stops:

Adding a Stop

  • When a new bookmobile stop coordinates with other library goals such as targeting early childhood literacy efforts, outreach to non-traditional users, new immigrant populations, etc.
  • When there are new growth in housing and multiple requests for bookmobile services.
  • When there is no other bookmobile stop nearby.
  • Special emphasis is given to requests in the County and areas remote from the main library.

Dropping a Stop

  • Poor circulation and efforts over time have not increased circulation.
  • A Bookmobile stop must be dropped in favor of a place where there is a greater need.
  • A Bookmobile stop is too close to other stops or the main library and there is no compelling reason why users cannot use those facilities.

Mission Statement

The Rochester Public Library Bookmobile is dedicated to providing access to information, literature, and ideas to members of the community who are unable to use the main library due to geographic, transportation, economic or other barriers.

Core Values

The Rochester Public Library Bookmobile embraces the core values of the Rochester Public library. In addition:

The bookmobile is committed to serving as an effective extension of the Rochester Public Library by providing library materials and timely personal services to communities, neighborhoods and individuals.

The bookmobile is committed to promoting early childhood literacy development by providing services and age appropriate materials to daycare providers and elementary schools. The bookmobile also believes that school media centers are essential for supporting the curriculum needs of a school; the bookmobile will not be used to supplant those efforts. The bookmobile provides complementary services to schools and will target schools in areas where there are economic, geographic, or other barriers to students= access to the main library.

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If the materials you are looking for are not on the bookmobile, items may be reserved from the Rochester Public Library Collection, SELCO libraries, and other libraries via inter-library loan. Call 507.328.2305 or ask bookmobile staff.

Loan Periods

Most materials are checked out for 28 days. Videos and best-sellers can be checked out for 14 days. Due to high demand for some items, the dates due may vary. Be sure to check your checkout receipt.


Most items can be renewed twice if no one else has reserved the item. Items may be renewed at the library, on the bookmobile, at home or work via the Internet at

Library Card

Rochester and Olmsted County residents are eligible for one free library card which may be used at the Rochester Public Library and on the Bookmobile. Library Cards from SELCO member libraries are also honored